Sammi Fearlessly Shaves for Cancer Research

I’m a 28-year old chick with a big heart who can talk the legs off a table. I love snowboarding in winter, being a beached whale in summer and having a boogie wherever there’s music.
I don’t have a lot of money to donate to champion the cause for those less fortunate, but I certainly have a lot of hair and no fear about getting it chopped off. My hair will be sent to Variety Children’s to make wigs for kids with cancer or alopecia, and the money raised will go to ACRF.

The decision to fundraise for ACRF came after doing a lot of research, like reading company annual reports, on Australian charities associated with cancer. It can be hard to choose between fundraising for research or for a compassionate cause where you’d see the impact made from your donations straight away.

But I particularly liked that ACRF is funding ground-breaking research into all types of cancer, and so much of the donations they receive go straight back into those research projects, as opposed to being used for company operating expenses.

I’ve been motivated to fundraise because so many people in my life have been affected by cancer. Some are now cancer-free but some were not so fortunate. Most of them were young and healthy, phenomenal souls who did everything right, but were dealt with something they had no control over.

My advice to anyone else thinking about shaving your head to raise money for charity, don’t be afraid of the scissors! It’s just hair and it will grow back, probably healthier than before. The longer we wait to do something about ending cancer, the more people are going to suffer. Yes, research costs a lot but if we can all help a little, that’s a great start.