Alexandre's big Shave

I am Alexandre, a French national, who has lived in Australia for three years. In Manly, I live the cliché life of an Australian – surfing, ferrying to work, and enjoying my time here.

When deciding to shave my head, I was looking for an established organisation that I could trust. Friends had mentioned ACRF in the past, and when I visited the webpage, it looked legit.

I was also happily surprised to see that the ACRF Shave team had contacted directly the donors who helped me during my fundraising experience.

My family has been impacted by cancer for generations. My mother as well. When she went through chemotherapy, I remember how she fought hard to hide the physical modifications that came with the treatment.

She really did her best so that life looked normal. A wig helped. And that is why I want to help other parents who are just trying to do the same.

I decided to shave to give my hair to an organisation that does wigs for kids that have cancer. This organisation is based in Mexico, where I was living before.