Tommy's Hair Cut for Wigs for Kids

By Marc Banks

Tommy's Mission: A Tribute to Dylan Smith

At just 11 years old, Tommy has been on a journey inspired by the memory of his cousin, Dylan Smith. Dylan, a young warrior, fought cancer valiantly until he was 13. His passing on 16 August 2021 inspired Tommy to grow his hair to fundraise for cancer research and to gift his majestic locks to 'Wigs for Kids.'

We are pleased to share that Tommy's hair is long enough to fulfil this promise, and he's inviting you to back his efforts.

With the full support of Nambour State College, Tommy will be stepping up on 20 October 2023, in front of his peers, to get his haircut. This event isn't just a haircut; it's a celebration of Tommy's dedication and a beacon to shine a light on this beautiful cause. It's a testament to how one individual's passion can ripple out and inspire change. Join us in championing Tommy's mission.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Capral Limited

What an amazing thing you have done. We are pleased to contribute to your fundraising and hope this donation will help achieve your target.


G.james 1007 Ksd Team!

You're an inspiration Tommy! Dylan would be so proud of you!


Pete & Judy Banks

Thanks heaps Tommy.. Dylan had a natural likable personality. And would always accept a challenge or help out whenever. He will be missed by all those who knew him.


Mum & Dad


Richard Rolfe


Tamsin Etherington


Sandro Ianni

God bless you young man.


Matt, Kate & Blakey

We are so proud of you Tommy. You deserve all the support that you have received. Not only are you going to make a young child feel so much better about themselves, you have raised vital funds for cancer research. Well done Tommy.


Ron & Dorothy Evans

What a remarkable young boy you are Tommy for doing this beautiful gesture to support this worthy cause. We know how much Dylan meant to you. You often played online with Dylan and we could hear your laughter as you both enjoyed yourself. I can only imagine how much Dylan treasured these times. Love Nanna & Pa


Karen Ebrill

Well done Tommy. Dylan would be very proud of you.


Mike & Chris Smith

Well done Tommy.


Luke Hawkins


Mary-anne Huggins

Tommy, what a wonderful way to honour the memory of Dylan. I am so proud of you. Well done mate. Big hugs Aunty M x


Bill & Karen .

Well done Tommy.. looking forward to seeing your new Hairstyle….


Greg Hunt


Auntie Viv

I’m so proud of my great nephew Tommy. What a caring, loving role model. Big hug Tommy Auntie Viv


Michelle And Mathew Casey

Tommy, we are incredibly proud of you for your commitment and support for kids with cancer. Your dedication to making a positive impact on their lives is truly inspiring.


Mark Murray (capral) And Family.

Well done Tommy. Your positivity and commitment is inspirational.


Julie Farrugia

Tommy, you are an inspiration and an example of human selflessness. So amazing 💚💚


Kerry Wilmot

What a great Kerry 💞💕


Nathan Esterhuizen

In memory of a great friend


Christine Woolmer

Tommy, you have a strong will and your heart must be pure and determined like your parents. This journey in your life is so important to help fight cancer for those who can’t. I know you will always remember it and it will make you stronger and a great force to be reckoned with as you grow older. Be proud of your achievements.


Jan And Vic Zahra

So proud of you Tommy 💕


Paul Emmerson

Awesome Tommy


Marg & Steve

Good bless Tommy, l'm Shaw you both are so proud of him, it's a shame you and I couldn't help 😆😆


Rocky Cassaniti

Good on you Tommy - your efforts will help produce results


Allan Hickey




Scott Bartlett

Well done Tommy! There should be more like you in this world.


Dave & Jo Wyper


Carolyn West

Tommy your dedication for helping out another children who will face the same battle as your cousin Dylan is inspirational.


Linda Wilson

Tommy. You are an inspiration to all of us. Your families loss has inspired you to continue to fight for such an amazing cause. Well done. We can all learn from you.


David Banks

On ya Tommy


Myra Karantzas

Well done Tommy on your commitment and efforts serving a very important cause. A tribute to Dylan who is dearly missed and that he would be so proud of and thankful for.


Jess Duncan

You’re amazing Tommy!


Cath Galloway

What an amazing achievement Tommy. Your cousin would be so proud of you. Ms G


Ronald & Dorothy Evans

Tomorrow is the big day Tommy, wish we could be there to see this proud moment. Love Nanna & Pa.xxxxx


Mel Barr

Tommy … You are a champion young man 💙🌈


Diana Popov


Carmen Debrincat


Mandy Raw

What a wonderful way to contribution and carry on your cousin's legacy.


Ian Whatman

Tommy is an absolute legend


Talisha Davies




Miles Prouten


Paul Woodhouse


Lyall Anderson

What a Champion


Jill Falls

Wonderful thing to do Tommy❤️



Go on ya Tommy



What a kind and generous person you are Tommy. Such an inspiration.


Rachel Campbell


Sarah Ford


Michael Walker

Inspirational - well done.


Matthew Cuthbert


Riley Banks

In memory Dylan ❤️


Sue Andrews

Hi Tommy, I’ve just heard about your Wigs for Kids fundraiser. I’m so proud of you. A wonderful thing to do. Ms Andrews


Capral Colleague

Well done Tommy!


Nigel Williamson

Well Done Tommy


Cheryl Blackley

Well Done Tommy! You are an exceptional young man.


Sean Juricic


Imran North

Well done Tommy. Your mum has told me all about the story. I look forward to seeing the new hairdo


Eileen & Joe Busuttil

You are a very special boy Tommy, we had the pleasure of meeting you when you came down to Melbourne. Love Eileen & Joe Busuttil


Cayce Jeffrey


Laine West

Love you have done this in memory of your cousin


Jai West

Awesome Tommy 💗


Alannah West & Gus Rose

You are inspirational Tommy


Saurabh Das

Keep going !!!


Rachel P

Tommy what you are doing is so honourable Dylan would be so proud of you. Huge commitment and beautiful gesture to kids with cancer. 🙏❤️