The Tuidia girls are donating their hair to WIGS 4 KIDS

By Silva & Lusianna Tuidia

What is this Dare all about?!

We’re taking the ACRF Hair Dare to support Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) in their mission to achieve a world without cancer.

We’re raising vital funds to support the 2 in 5 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85. With your help, we can transform the way we prevent, diagnose and treat ALL types of cancer and put an end to this devastating disease.

Thank you for your generous donation. Supporting ACRF means giving Australia’s best cancer research to the people who need it most. That could be someone you know – someone you care about – your family, your friends, your community, perhaps even you.

My Updates

Our new HAIR DARE dos

Quite alot of hair for the wigs!!

Lusi getting her first chop

Hairstyles over the years.. I am not my hair, but it has been a massive part of my life.

You can donate directly to our WIGS4KIDS page too

A family photography session

Before we had Astrid join us, this was the last photo of Lusi and I that also captures how long our hair has grown ❤️ Image beautifully captured by Nicole Reine Photography

So how are we doing this?

Lusi and I will post photos and even live on social media of you want it.. 
same day, same place, getting her hair cut and mine shaved. 

Let us know if you’d like to celebrate with us in person, the more the merrier, and if you’d like to join in and challenge yourself to a dare, even better!! 

But Whyyyyy?!

Unfortunately we’ve all been affected by cancer all our lives… 

Countless family and friends have 
 suffered losses of loved ones, and it has been all different types of Cancer. It has affected some of my very best friends, and I know how hard some of my dearest fight the good fight of helping cancer patients. 

I’m hoping we can find a cure soon. I mean we must be getting close right?! 
Hopefully this little fundraiser will help make a tiny dent in the much needed funds for cancer research in Australia.

Why is Silva shaving her head??

Silva said she would always shave her hair completely for a milestone birthday. 
This year she turns 40! 

I also finally have enough hair to donate, having grown it for a couple of years so it’s long enough and not dyed it for months, keeping it a natural colour and with minimal chemical treatment - those who know me know that’s a challenge within itself.

So I’m asking that in lieu of any gifts for my big 4.0 this year, I would love a donation to this cause or a Charity of your choice. 

Why cut Lusi’s lush hair soo short?!

Celebrating Lusi’s first haircut milestone with you, while being able to donate hair to WIGS 4 KIDS is an amazing thing!

Anyone who knows Lusi, knows she loves her long luscious locks and is going through a hair flick and princess stage, but is happy to gift her hair to a sick boy or girl who has no hair.

What are we doing??

Mummy and daughter are braving a couple of milestones together to raise money for Cancer research and donate hair to Wigs 4 Kids. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Eva, Lily And Doctor

We are very proud of you for doing this! Love you dearly! ❤️🙏🏽


Lucy, Daniel, Grace And Matteo Chisari

So incredibly proud of you girls sis. Love you xx



So proud of you both- God bless ❤️



Well done proud of you 👏🏾🩶🩶🩶🩶


Vahe Parseghian


Hripsime And Karni

Such a selfless act from two beautiful ladies. So proud! God bless xx


Nicole W

Good luck! Can’t wait to see the new hair do’s!


David & Anna-maria Yostikian

We are Proud of you both


Joey P



Christina, Janson And Joseph


Clara Kiujian

Proud of you Silva & Lusianna 🙌🙌


Nina & Harry Kushkarian

Go Girls. You both are amazing. 🥇👍😍😘


Agios Co Pty Ltd


Joseph Kouchkrian


Baby Henry Le

In full support of your actions! Amazing work!


Janet Kouchkrian

Very proud of you my girls can’t wait to see you when it’s all done


Lisa L

So so proud of you girls! And we would love to witness this amazing event. Good luck and God bless you both xxx


Elle Tan


Maddy S



You girls are an inspiration! Love you both for doing such a wonderful, selfless thing. I can't wait to see how you slay (do kids still say slay these days?) the shaved head look Silva. So proud of you xoxo


Silva & Lusianna Tuidia


Margaret Diasinos

I am so proud of you sis!!! Thank you for making a difference and for always leaving positive energy to everyone that you meet. Love you xxx


Nora And Daddy Platon

Yass Girl!


Naeiry Ghazarian

So proud of you hun! You both look beautiful! 😘




Ariana & Amelia

Proud of you both!




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Krissy Duff-tytler

Go girls !!! What a great cause! P.S I miss my work auntie, let’s get coffee soon pls


Harry Batrounian


Nayere K

You girls are amazing! Well done 👏 😍🥰


Susan Sevagian


Sarine Badelian

Well done Silva and Lusi. Your hearts are very kind amd inspiring ♥️