Shaving my head

By Rohan Stannage

My Updates

Damn, that happened quickly

Massive thanks to the people who have donated, you are absolute legends!! 

Deadline is FRIDAY

The plan is to shave my head before I do the Inward Bound running race, where I’ll be running approx 60ks. If you can donate that would be awesome (:

Thank you to my Sponsors



Will feel very different without all that hair. Enjoy!


Sonya Harris

Good luck with both the run and the haircut!


Chris Stannage

Nice one!!


Rebecca Maslen-stannage

Not sure what is crazier - the run or the haircut!!



Crazy child


Rohan Stannage




Penny Hurley


Sheila Maslen


Hamish Carson

I must see this mohawk


Edward Louis



The Livermore’s

We like a good crew cut….be gone curls!