Riley Norris shaves it all for cancer research!

By Riley Norris

Most people have been affected by cancer, even if its not themselves diagnosed. It could be a loved one or even a friend. My name is Riley Norris, I'm 14 years old and currently in year 9 at The Rock Central School and this is my story.

Throughout my life, have had many loved ones and friends diagnosed with cancer. My mother has a large precancerous tumor which has been affecting her day-to-day life since the age of 15. She has done so much for me and my two sisters, even though she is still fighting it to this day. I've also had my Grandmother pass away due to cancer and it has affected me in a way that I had never expected. She was fighting this cancer for many years and beat it, although it returned years later. She never gave up hope and kept fighting for her family. This is why I'm taking the I’m taking the ACRF Hair Dare to support Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) in their mission to achieve a world without cancer. 

**For my family and friends, to give them hope.**

On the 23 of November 2023, I will be shaving my head at The Rock Central School!

My Updates

Now its gone!

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The Rock Central School

Amazing effort Riley, our school is lucky to have you!


Mark Joseph Walsh

Well done, Riley!


Scott Callaghan

Great to see Riley supporting such a great cause.


Michael Norris

We are so proud of you buddy.


Rikki Jones

Proud of you x


David Morey


Craig Raggatt


Mishaley Walsh

Very proud of you Riley. I love you xxx


Leeanne Evans

Thanks Riley for shaving your hair for Cancer Research.


Trev Holden

Solid effort Riley!… well done


Paul & Sarah Hancock

Nanny B would be proud of you


Kamara & Michael Lenehan

We're so proud of you bud!


Eulalie Walsh

Well done Riley - very proud of you xx



Proud of you Riley.


Pop & Nan Norris

Go Riley


Romeo Mcflourish

Legendary effort!


Kerri Mason

You should be very proud of yourself Riley for raising money. Awesome effort 👏🏻👏🏻


Petrina O'connor

Well done Riley



Hair is overrated.