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Krissy’s Budgy Smuggler Challenge


I'm taking on the Budgy Smuggler Winter Swim

I'm asking 10 friends to donate $10 each and I'll swim 2km over the month of August. And yes, it will be cold!

Dare me and donate today to Outsmart Cancer.


My Updates

3.2klms total swim

Thank you to all my sponsors who helped me raise just over $400.  I swam a total of 3200 metres which is 3.2 kilometres. I’m still going.

3 days to go

And the swim for Brain cancer research is nearly over. Thank you to all my sponsors. A job well done and I’m still swimming past my goal. 

More metres today


Swim challenge complete

Day 3

400 metres day 3
600 to go

Day 2

500metres 1klm to go

First day in the pool

500metres down 1500 to go!!!

1 Day to go!!!!

Hi everyone who sponsored me, a big thank you to you all, it’s getting closer to starting my swim . See you soon!!

11days to go

Hi to all our Sponsors 11days to go before the big challenge. Budgy Smugglers/Smugglettes have arrived & looking good. Photo of me preparing for swim to come as the day approaches. Cheers & don’t forget to sponsor me and the Team.


12 days before I take the plunge & swim 2k in August to raise money for Brain Cancer Research. Come on and sponsor or join me in a worthy cause. 


27 days to go before I take the plunge to raise money for Brain Cancer Research. Chip in or join my team.!!!!!

Hi Y'all it’s time to help Brain Cancer Research

Help me support Brain Cancer Research and keep the ones you love in the safest hands . $10 is all I ask and I will promise to swim 2klms in my budgie smugglers over August. Thanks and dig deep for a worthy cause.

August Approaching Fast

August is just around the corner getting ready to make the plunge and swim 2k.
Be a sport and support Brain Cancer. Join our team or donate to help raise money .

2months to go

Hi it’s June getting cooler and counting down the days. The reason I’m doing this is because a close friend has an incurable Grade 4 Brain Tumour. Please join me or donate to help fund Cancer Research.

Bubble Guppies update

All you Shark’s fans join the Bubble Guppies and swim 2k in August to raise money for Cancer . It’ll be a challenge you will never forget.

Tutu’s Budgy Swim for Cancer

Sponsor me or join me in supporting Cancer sufferers , in the Budgy Smugglers 2k swim in August.

Thank you to my Sponsors






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A wonderful thing to do, Kristen!!!!




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