Pick my colour!!

By Heather Parham

I’m taking the ACRF Hair Dare to support Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) in their mission to achieve a world without cancer.

I am raising vital funds to support the 2 in 5 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85. With your help, we can transform the way we prevent, diagnose and treat ALL types of cancer and put an end to this devastating disease.

Thank you for your generous donation. Supporting ACRF means giving Australia’s best cancer research to the people who need it most. That could be someone you know – someone you care about – your family, your friends, your community, perhaps even you.

I’m doing this for those among us who have and are battling this awful disease. I’m open to suggestions as to what colour/patterns etc I get!! Highest donation gets to pick!!

Thank you to my Sponsors


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Heather Parham

lol highest donation wins!!!


Carolyn Morick



Bright purple with red highlights



I vote for the purple and red ❤️💜



well done lady xx



Great to see you looking so well Heather !


Karyn Kay

Can't wait to see your new hairdo Heather, hope it reflects your bright, happy personality.


Ciara Merrifield

You are an inspiration. Ms Parham


Karen Monten

Love your smile chick.



Donated for you x